How much should you feed your betta? How often should you feed your betta? What should you feed your betta? This article covers all the basis and gives you my chart for feeding.


Welcome to Star's Betta Guide, this is a achieve of articles, tips and information for betta keepers. I am a betta lover of 11+ years and been keeping aquariums for over 10 years. Please take a look around and hopefully, you find some of the information I collect on this site useful! :) Have fish keeping, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Getting Started....

Common Misinformation

"Bettas lived in tiny mud puddles in the wild"
Bettas lived in rice paddies and slow moving bodies of water, often several hundred gallons; filled with plants and insects

"Bettas can live in a vase with peace lilies, its a complete ecosystem"
The betta have no food, they do not eat plant roots. There is little oxygen and the lily do not remove the waste. The betta inevitably will slowly die from starvation, waste poisoning and suffocation.

"Bettas are hardy and can live in dirty water"
A common point pet stores use to sell their fish. Bettas are very toleranting fish but they many die prematurely within a few months of purchase from poor living conditions when they can easily live up to 3-6 years.

"Bettas can don't require filteration or heating"
A betta is a low waste fish, so if water changes are frequent enough, they do not require a filter. However they are tropical fish that require a stable warm water temperature of at least 78F or 25.5C.

"My room is set to 26C, so the water must be 26C"
Water temperature does not always equal room temperature, its very often cooler than room temp. Smaller bodies of water less than 5 gallons or 20 litres can fluxuate throughout the day which is very stressful for a betta

Time for better homes

Is your betta living in a bowl? Do you only change the water every week? Does your betta only stay in one place all the time?

One of the reasons for this blog is to inform owners on proper care. Many beginner and first time betta owners are attracted and duped into purchasing often expensive but incredibily inapprioriate homes (click to read) that consisit tanks that unheatable and less than half a gallon of water. These difficult to clean and tiny setups are a recipe for diaster when it comes to the wellbeing of your betta.

Bettas, while hardy, at the miminal require a home greater than 1 gallon, a steady temperature between 78-82 and a apprioriate diet of fish food (not plant roots!).

Setups to Flourish

So how do I setup a tank/home for my betta so that it lives a long healthy life? Its actually not all that complicated, in a nutshell, bettas require a tank at least 1 gallon or greater, a heater to keep the temperature at 78F-82, thermastat for you to check the temperature, regular water changes and a good diet. To help you figure all this out, read the following articles:

1. Obtaining a Good Setup
2. Changing the Water
3. Feeding your Betta

These 3 articles cover the basis of betta care and should set you up on the track of being a great fish owner. Joining forums like FishLore, Tropical Fish Keeping or Aquatic Community is also a great idea, it will help you find senior fish keepers that will offer you advice and how-tos.